Advanced Surface Complete- 28 Day Protection

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Advanced Surface Complete is easy to use surface cleaner that offers up to 28 days of protection right out of the bottle on a single application. Forming a strong bond with all surfaces and creating a powerful shield, Advanced Surface Complete is a true cleaning solution.

Quick and Easy to Apply:

Advanced Surface Complete is ready to spray right out of the bottle and needs no dilution. It can be applied to

  • Small Surface Areas: Advanced Surface Complete can be sprayed directly onto virtually any surface and allowed to dry. Alternatively, it can be sprayed directly onto a surface and wiped with a clean microfiber cloth and allowed to dry.
  • Large Surface Areas: Advanced Surface Complete can be applied with an electrostatic spray system that quickly and easily covers large or industrial-sized facilities. Walls, ceilings, flooring, furniture, counter-tops and more can be treated.

Non-Hazardous Formula, other surface cleanser contain harsh chemical compounds that my be highly toxic, corrosive, and very hazardous to humans as well as the environment.  Surface Complete’s formula is safe and non-hazardous.


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Weight 36 oz


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