The Legion Cleaning company provides disinfecting and cleaning services to help keep your Employees and Customers Safe against the CoronaVirus.

We are proud to give clean a new meaning. Whether you’re trying to find a professional cleaning company the area that has Eco-Friendly practices or one that focuses on large spaces: we are your best choice. Our new technology is scientifically proven to keep your business Virus Free up to 30 days or longer!

What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic spray surface cleaning is the process of spraying an electrostatically mist onto surfaces and objects. An electrostatic spray uses a specialized cleaning solution that is combined with air and atomized by an electrode.

How does Electrostatic disinfection work?

Electrostatic spray is charged, allowing sanitizers, disinfectants, mold preventatives and sprays to cover surface areas more effectively. Unlike regular disincentive deep cleaning for your office or home, this positive charged solution is attracted to surface areas like a magnet. Allowing us to cover more of the surface areas and the spray to protect surface areas for longer periods of times

Who can benefit from our services?

ATP testing is NOT a direct viral test and therefore we do not claim that it directly detects COVID-19 or any other virus. There are no supporting studies that the test will directly detect COVID-19 or any other virus because ATP is a cleanliness test. This technology is looking for presence of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – the energy molecule of all living organisms. ATP is present in all organic material (bacteria, body fluids, mucus, blood, skin cells, fungi, mold, foods, etc).

Keeping Chicago safe with new technology

We’re proud to be the professional cleaning company Chicago facilities trust to deliver spotless cleaning time and time again! Providing business & residential home owners with Electrostatic Disinfection. Keeping your business safe from Viruses, Mold, Bacteria and so much more. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

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